Edge 1030 software version 3.50 du 19/10/2017

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Edge 1030 software version 3.50 du 19/10/2017

Message par Monique le Ven 13 Oct 2017 - 17:49

Edge 1030 software version ici : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

Change History :

Changes made from version 3.40 to 3.50 (19/10/2017:
Fixed issue causing the map to crash.

Changes made from version 3.20 to 3.40 (11/10/2017):
Added Shimano Di2 2.0 support.
Added Vector 3 software update support.
Improved Grade accuracy on steep climbs.
Fixed issue preventing activities from being saved on an SD card.
Fixed several Varia Vision issues.
Fixed issues with performance condition display and data recording.
Fixed issue preventing training status and training load from being uploaded to Garmin Connect.
Fixed an issue allowing Connect IQ Apps to disable sensors.
Fixed issue causing the back key to not display in CIQ apps.
Fixed issue causing crashes when using 3D map mode.
Fixed issue that could cause a crash while using Strava Segment Explore map preview.
Updated recovery time calculation requirements. To trigger a recovery time, ride with a heart rate sensor for ten minutes at moderate to high intensity.

Changes made from version 2.30 to 3.20 (06/09/2017):
Added the ability to customize the lap banner with up to four data fields.
Added Di2 Synchroshift support.
Improved the user interface for Vector setup.
Improved elevation accuracy.
Improved widget loop by returning to the most recently used widget.
Increased transfer speed for the Strava Segment Explore widget and the Strava Routes CIQ app.
Fixed issues with segment processing.
Fixed issues with device-to-device transfers.
Fixed issues with My Stats data calculations and UI.
Fixed an issue that could prevent bike light networks from reforming.
Made numerous stability improvements, bug fixes, and UI improvements.

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