Edge 520 Plus software version 3.00 du 28/08/2018

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Edge 520 Plus software version 3.00 du 28/08/2018

Message par Monique le Dim 17 Juin 2018 - 10:03

Edge 520 Plus, software version : ICI

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Change History :

Changes made from version 2.60 to 3.00 (28/08/2018) :
New Feature: Added Connect IQ 3.0 support.
New Feature: Physio TrueUp for Biometrics. If enabled, recovery time and cycling VO2Max will sync between Garmin devices that support TrueUp. This requires enabling the feature in Garmin Connect Mobile or in Garmin Connect web. To view the current enabled state, a new My Stats Options page is available under Menu > My Stats > Options. Also note that the device will not currently display activities from other devices, even if the help text from other services say so.
Added enhanced support for Varia RTL510 radar tail light. As part of this, all ANT sensor processing code has been improved and should be more reliable.
Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) values should be more accurate and in line with other devices now.
Fixed crash that could occur when switching activity profiles in the middle of a ride.
Updated the manual activity upload UI. It will no longer be available if the auto upload setting in GCM is disabled, as this prevents GCM from accepting our upload. If auto upload is enabled, it should correctly reflect success when the upload completes.
Added UI to inform users of the impact of brightness and backlight settings on battery life.
Added tip to remind users to remove their bluetooth connection from the phone's settings after performing a forget phone action.
For easier keyboard entry, entered FTP values are capped at 999 so that after entering 3 digits the cursor will jump to the accept button automatically.
Fixed issue with the device where going into mass storage from a power off state may cause Garmin Express to offer a map update that the device does not need.
Fixed issue where going into mass storage mode would sometimes be detected as an unrecognized device until unplugging the unit and trying again.
Fixed issues preventing device-to-device transfers from completing and made improvements to the connection flow.
Moved key inputs to the release of the key instead of the press of the key. This allows CIQ apps that require this to work correctly and should not noticably impact other operations.
Prevent powering down while in a Connect IQ application. Powering down in this situation can cause the device to end up in a bad state so manual power down will be blocked to match other Edge devices.
Fixed potential crash on the compass page.
Fixed issue where VO2 max could be corrupted.
Fixed issue when renewing the phone connection (not common) would cause the Edge and phone to forget each other after a reboot.
Fixed potential crash when processing audio prompts.
Improved missed call smart notification UI to more reliably show the phone number instead of 'Unknown'.
Cleaned up some of the sensor found notifications that could occur in the middle of a ride.
Fixed issue where extended display mode could crash when a vertical speed field with meters per second units was configured.
Fixed battery low prompts for radars when connected as a radar and not included in a light network.

Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60 (06/06/2018):
New Beta Feature: Extended Display Mode. Menu > Settings > Extended Display Mode will allow the Edge device to act as an extended view of a supported Garmin multisport watch’s data fields during a multi-stage activity such as a triathlon. See “Setting Up Extended Display Mode” in the Owner’s Manual for more details.
Smart Notifications: [Android Only] Notifications from additional text-based sources like Google Hangouts will now be shown on device. Responding to these should properly send through the expected application.
Smart Notifications: Notifications that seemed stale or otherwise are not currently being displayed on the phone should no longer be shown on device.
Smart Notifications: Notifications from text and phone sources will be automatically dismissed when no longer relevant.
Turn Guidance: Fixed issue where turn prompts would not be displayed consistently while using 2018.10 maps.
Fixed issue where Virtual Partner time ahead/behind was incorrect when auto-pause is enabled.
Fixed issue where turn prompts would not clear until Varia Radar had no remaining active targets.
Fixed issue where device will not power down properly.
Fixed potential crash when riding a segment against a someone with a very long name.
Fixed issue where pressing the OK button on a prompted route recalculation would not work.
Added eBike icon to status bar page in the list of paired sensors.
Fixed discrepancy between wind displayed on the status par weather preview and the full weather page.
Added additional information to the Copyright Information page.
Fixed incorrect truncation of course points names on the course point list page and on the map.

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Re: Edge 520 Plus software version 3.00 du 28/08/2018

Message par Monique le Lun 1 Oct 2018 - 10:43

mise à jour 3.00 disponible

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