Edge 810 software version 6.30 du 03/01/2018

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Edge 810 software version 6.30 du 03/01/2018 Empty Edge 810 software version 6.30 du 03/01/2018

Message par Monique Jeu 25 Aoû 2016 - 8:26

Edge 810 software version : ICI


Changes made from version 6.10 to 6.30 (03/01/2018):
Fixed a crash that can occur when starting or ending a ride with a course or workout active.

Changes made from version 5.10 to 6.10 (04/01/2017):
   New feature! Added support for LiveTrack Auto Start.

Changes made from version 5.00 to 5.10:
   New feature! Added Varia Smart Bike Lights support.
   Fixed an issue causing the Auto Pause feature to not pause when GPS is disabled.

Changes made from version 4.40 to 5.00:
   New Feature! Added support for Varia Rearview Radar.
   Fixed an issue causing device shutdowns when navigating using certain maps.
   Fixed an issue where custom speed was set incorrectly in workouts.

Changes made from version 4.30 to 4.40:

   Fixed an issue causing the Auto Pause feature to incorrectly pause the timer when only using GPS as a speed source.
   Improved segment tracking performance to reduce the occurrence of incorrect off segment detection.

Changes made from version 4.20 to 4.30:

   Updated in-ride segment complete banner.
   Added arrow buttons to the segment map to allow in-ride leader changes.
   Fixed several general UI related issues.

Changes made from version 3.60 to 4.20:

   Added Strava segment support! To start receiving Strava Live Segments: link your Garmin Connect account to your Strava Premium account, upload an activity to Garmin Connect so it sees you have the latest firmware, and sync with Garmin Connect through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile!
   Increased maximum number of segments to 100.
   Fixed an issue causing disabled segments to be enabled after updated leaderboard information from Garmin Connect.
   Fixed an issue where the auto pause feature was not correctly pausing the timer when the user stops moving.
   Fixed an issue where turn prompts where not always being displayed for valid turns on course routes.
   Fixed several general UI related issues.

Changes made from version 3.40 to 3.60:

   Improved connection stability with Garmin Connect Mobile and fixed sync issues.
   Made several improvements to course routing and general course experience.
   Implemented improvements for torque effectiveness, pedal smoothness, and cycling dynamics data. This includes a fix for displaying torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness data in summary pages for left side only power meters.
   Fixed several issues with data fields displaying incorrect data.
   Fixed an issue where the backlight time out was not being observed when the Edge is plugged into external power.
   Fixed several issues with Where To? search functionality.
   Added battery percentage to the Shimano Di2 sensor about page.

Changes made from version 3.20 to 3.40:
   New feature! Added Segment support.
   To use segments, go to connect.garmin.com to find or create segments. Then, connect the device to your computer via USB cable and send the segments to your device. Once your segments have been downloaded to the device, disconnect from your computer. Then press the folder icon > Segments to access the list of segments on your device. After sending segments to your device, simply go ride through them to see the on-device experience!
   New feature! Added Edge Remote sensor support.
   New feature! Added Shimano Di2 sensor support with Dura Ace remote controls.
   New Feature! Added Vector Cycling Dynamics support that adds data fields and data recording for Power Phase (PP) and Platform Center Offset (PCO).
   Improvements to the elevation profile to fit the data to the graph and display upcoming elevation while riding a course or segment.
   Added a stop button on the map page. This button is used to stop a currently running course or segment and is only displayed if one of those features is in use.
   Added turn guidance and off course warnings settings for courses. These can be accessed through the menu button in the bottom right corner of the course list page. (Folder icon > Courses > Menu Button)
   Fixed uploads over Garmin Connect Mobile. Phone pairing information has been reset and will need to be setup again.
   Made several improvements to elevation profile zooming and scrolling.
   Fixed a shutdown when using 'Back to Start.'
   Added options menus to the Course, Segment, and Workout lists.
   Added file searching for Courses, Segments, and Workouts.
   Added Time Ahead/Behind and Distance Ahead/Behind as configurable data fields on all timer loop pages.
   Added the ability to edit segment map data fields.

Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.20:
   Fixed an issue causing activities to not always be saved if the device is powered down immediately after saving a ride.


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