Edge 830 software version 3.50 du 26/06/2019

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Edge 830 software version 3.50 du 26/06/2019 Empty Edge 830 software version 3.50 du 26/06/2019

Message par Monique le Mar 9 Juil 2019 - 8:10

Edge 830 software version : ICI

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Change History :

Changes made from version 3.20 to 3.50 (26/06/2019):
We have made changes to prioritize ANT+ connections in the sensor search UI and highly encourage anyone having sensor or phone connectivity issues to remove and reconnect all of their sensors.

We recommend using the ANT+ connection on a sensor with your Garmin devices. There are no customer facing benefits to using the BLE connection unless that is the only option for the sensor to be used and there are often additional features to be gained by using ANT+ with a Garmin device. We see the main customer benefit of a BLE connection on a sensor to be for usage with indoor training apps running on smartphones, tablets, or home desktops at this time.
Fixed a connectivity issue that could cause ANT+ or BLE sensors to lose connection and never reconnect.
Fixed an issue with Bluetooth communication that was impacting phone connectivity and device power down stability.
Fixed a shutdown that could occur when calculating a route.

Changes made from version 2.50 to 3.20 (21/05/2019):
Made several improvements to ClimbPro.
Made visual and algorithmic improvements to smart Nutrition and Hydration alerts.
Muted the map colors in the Mountain Bike activity profile to make trails more visible.
Added support for Respiration Rate to be recorded in FIT files and reported in Garmin Connect.
Added the Workout Comparison chart as a data field so it can be added to any data screen.
Made improvements to phone sync logic.
Improved the data field category organization.
Added the ability to hide data screens.
Added better handling for multiple workouts on the same day.
Added support for Find Workout and Find Course options in the Controls menu.
Added the ability to sort Course and Workout lists.
Enlarged the battery status icons in all scenarios so they can be more easily seen.
Display Grit in kGrit (thousands of Grit units) to make the number more readable since it can get very large.
Created the jump summary page for the end of a ride, and added a jump summary to the ForkSight feature during a mountain bike activity.
Improved the ability to keep GPS ephemeris data up-to-date, for faster satellite acquisition and better positioning.
Fixed some issues that could keep the Bike Alarm from deactivating properly.
Added a new tone for the Bike Alarm feature.
Turned off autolap by default in Indoor activity profiles.
Added better handling for shifters, including 12-speed shifters and shifters with no front derailleur.
Made several cosmetic improvements.

Note de Monique : La version 2.50 semble être la version initiale de ce GPS.

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