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Edge 830 software version 9.75 Empty Edge 830 software version 9.75

Message par Monique Mar 9 Juil 2019 - 8:10

Edge 830 software version : ICI (sur forums Garmin US) ou LÀ (mais site de Garmin pas à jour)

Instructions à suivre pour les fichiers postés sur le forum US :
Branchez votre appareil Edge sur USB.
Téléchargez et décompressez le fichier de mise à jour
Placez le fichier GUPDATE.gcd dans le dossier \ Garmin du lecteur de stockage interne de votre appareil.
Éjectez l'appareil de l'USB et attendez la fin de la mise à jour.

Change History :

Changes made from 9.73 to 9.75 (23/03/2023):
Added CIQ security fixes and improvements.
Improved indoor trainer non-power workout step transitions.

Changes made from 9.50 to 9.73 (01/12/2022):
Fix Firstbeat stats resetting on power cycle
Add informational prompt when pairing a non-Garmin Radar sensor.
Add informational prompt to update RCT715 to get more features
Improved CIQ data fields so that copies of the same field don't limit adding unique fields

Changes made from 9.40 to 9.50 (02/09/2022):
Fixed BLE sensor connection issue with CIQ data fields.

Changes made from 9.30 to 9.40 (26/04/2022):
Fixed Trailforks app crash

Changes made from 9.10 to 9.30 (13/04/2022):
Added support for Connect IQ System 5.
Changed gear battery data field to display percentage remaining if available, which affects Shimano Di2 single-battery systems.
Updated sensor low battery prompts to differentiate between low and critical status.
Added the ability to perform the FTP test with power data coming from a trainer.
Improved map turn review zoom level when approaching roundabouts at slow speeds.
Fixed issue where distance could stop accumulating.
Fixed issue where text message sender names would display incorrectly.
Fixed software crashes caused by encrypted CIQ programs that are no longer valid.
Fixed issue where very long course names resulted in routing calculation failure.
Fixed issue where activities could be hidden from history.

Changes made from 8.10 to 8.20 (22/07/2021):
Fixed issues with unlocking and using Trailforks maps
Fixed issue with Fazua BLE Scanning
Fixed issue with viewing incidents on the map
Fixed crashes with third party maps

Changes made from 8.00 to 8.10 (18/06/2021):
- Fixed "Trailforks Connect IQ app is not stored on the device" error.

Changes made from 7.10 to 8.00 (10/06/2021):
Course Routing
- Improved course routing speed.
- Added automatic course route caching.
- Improved map visibility and contrast with new map themes.
- Added a popularity layer to highlight roads that Garmin users have ridden the most.
- Added directional arrows to routes, courses, and history lines.
- Added smart syncing before an activity.
- Added a Sync Now button to the settings widget and the Connected Features > Phone menu.
Updated Firstbeat library for various improvements and bug fixes including a fix for training stats being reset on a multiple day activity.
- Fixed issue with BLE sensors in CIQ data fields after waking the Edge from sleep mode.
- Fixed issue where activity controls would not work in a CIQ app.
- Improved CIQ data field settings experience by always prompting when adding a settings-capable CIQ data field.
- Increased font size for app background messages.
- Fixed other minor issues.
Fixed several inReach issues.
Improved Garmin dual-mode sensor management.
Improved power meter calibration and software updates.
Improved the cycling dynamics page.
Increased maximum number of workout steps from 50 to 100.
Combined the indoor trainer Target Power and Resistance data fields into a single new "Trainer Mode Value" data field that will dynamically change the title and value based on the current trainer mode between Target Power, Slope, and Resistance options.
Added support for including metabolic calories in the total calories reported in the calories data field and recorded in the activity file.
Fixed manual elevation calibration.
Fixed issue with blank Strava segments appearing on the Segment Explore widget.
Fixed minor bugs.
Improved device stability.

Changes made from 7.00 to 7.10 (09/02/2021):
Fixed issue preventing Wi-Fi certificates from being acquired.

Changes made from 6.20 to 7.00 (17/11/2020):
-Added CIQ 3.2 support.
--Added encryption for CIQ widgets and data fields.
--Added CIQ data field alerts.
-Added BLE sync support for the Connect IQ app.
-Added CIQ workout information support.
Indoor Training:
-Added smart trainer widget that includes Tacx Road Feel controls.
-Fixed issues with grade, power, and resistance controls for smart trainers.
-Fixed course points for indoor trainer rides.
-Added the Virtual Partner to the map page when following course or activity on indoor trainer.
-Fixed lap banner bug on trainer grade control page.
-Improved indoor trainer workout UX.
Simple Setup:
-Added Simple Setup support. Port old activity profiles and sensors from Garmin Connect during initial setup.
-Added device driven Livetrack.
-Added course sharing.
-Improved reliability of FTP auto detection.
-Added tone to end of FTP test to notify user of completion.
-Fixed FTP test workout preview page.
Fixed crash when updating sensor software.
Fixed issue with smart eat and drink alert prompts.
Fixed segment completion bugs.
Fixed bug in Intensity Factor calculation.
Fixed retaining light network disable over power cycle.
Added instructions for pairing a radar in the radar sensor search menu.
Fixed other minor UI bugs and crashes.

Changes made from 6.00 to 6.20 (14/09/2020):
Fixed issue with ascent accumulation.

Changes made from version 5.50 to 6.00 (20/08/2020):
   Segments :
   -Fixed issue with detecting segments that were going in the opposite direction of travel
   -Improved segment and ClimbPro UI cooperation
   -Fixed issues when approaching a segment embedded in a course and other minor segment UI issues
   -Fixed issue where segment virtual partners would claim to be finished almost immediately after starting the segment
   ClimbPro :
   -Improved estimated time to end of a ClimbPro climb
   -Fixed ClimbPro page graph drawing
   -Fixed issue where disabling "Pop-up on Climb Approach" would disable ClimbPro completely
   Improved iPhone pairing
   Improved sensor connectivity
   Improved automatic FTP detection
   Added Go Back, Pause, and Go Forward workout step controls to the workout tray
   Added option to delete a data field in quick edit mode. Access by pressing and holding a data field on a timer page.
   Improved grit and flow consistency between Garmin products
   Improved bike light connection stability
   Fixed bike alarm not turning off after correct password was entered
   Fixed radar vehicle drawing temporarily not updating
   Added a shortcut to the display menu by pressing and holding the Auto Brightness button on the status widget
   Added a toggle for MTB map theme
   Improved MTB trail search UI
   Fixed issue where history line wasn't updated while panning in the map
   Fixed issue with the number of power zones displayed post ride
   Fixed dual sided power meter calibration factor reporting only one side
   Fixed Firstbeat metrics for multiple rides during the same power cycle
   Fixed Training Effect UI layout
   Removed unnecessary beeps for notifications that don't need them
   Fixed timezone map downloads from WiFi
   Fixed issue with power targets in TCX workouts
   Made various device stability improvements

Changes made from version 5.10 to 5.50 (20/05/2020):
Indoor Riding Improvements:
- Added the ability to set system time using WiFi or Bluetooth when GPS is not available.
- Added a Free Ride indoor trainer mode that enables the trainer to be set to a target grade.
- Add the ability to set target grade in the context menu for Indoor Trainer rides.
- Added a 'Remind Me' prompt for the trainer search.
- Made a change so LiveTrack is not started automatically for indoor or virtual activities.
- Prevent light network from forming indoors.
ClimbPro Improvements
- Added grade coloring to the elevation plot on the segment page.
- Changed the Time to Destination data field to show estimated time to the top of the climb if ClimbPro is activated.
- Fixed an issue with cumulative ascent and ClimbPro not working properly when a course is transferred from Garmin Connect.
- Fixed incorrect category colors on the ClimbPro page.
- Fixed an issue where some short climbs were not detected.
Made Mountain Bike feature settings available in all activity profiles to allow for Grit, Flow, and Jump data metrics to be enabled if desired. These remain turned off by default for all non-MTB profiles.
Added the ability to configure the minimum ride length that should prompt for Nutrition/Hydration intake.
Added the ability to customize the activity track color on the map.
Fixed an issue where GPS satellites were lost more often than they should be.
Improved Bluetooth friendly names to include BLE and BT so they can be distinguished from each other.
Fixed an issue that could cause unit-to-unit transfers to fail.
Fixed an issue with OSM roundabouts giving incorrect guidance.
Fixed an issue where routing to points that are not in the road network could create very long routes.
Fixed an issue where the Course Creator out-and-back was not working properly.
Integrated the ability to use cached weather data for Firstbeat analysis.
Updated the turn review map page so the distance on the top left of the screen updates and the data field on the bottom left shows Heading.
Only alert for LiveTrack auto start timeout once per activity.
Made OK the first response for LiveTrack and Text Message response prompts to minimize interaction while riding.
Improved the Reset HR Zones and Reset Power Zones behavior to only reset the zones and not the Max HR value or [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]
Made it easier to switch between the month/week view in the Training Plan calendar page.
Fixed the alert sound not working when a workout is complete.
Fixed false level of timer precision on Garmin segments.
Added letters to the Polish keyboard to make it easier to type words in other languages.
Fixed an issue on the keyboard that could cause the device to shut down.
Fixed handling for long course names.
Fixed an issue that kept the device from fully suspending.
Fixed an issue where the device could falsely report that it was fully charged after coming out of suspend mode.
Fixed an issue that could cause the device to lock up.

changes made from version 5.00 to 5.10 (13/12/2019):
Fixed an issue with Connect IQ apps and data fields that could cause device instability.
Fixed an issue where sensors would not connect to Connect IQ data fields after powering on the device.
Fixed an issue where data could be missing from segment FIT files.

Changes made from version 4.10 to 5.00 (23/10/2019):
Added support for Connect IQ 3.1.
Added support to control Garmin inReach remotely.
Made improvements to the indoor cycling user experience.
- Improved smart trainer discovery and initial setup experience when using an Indoor activity profile.
- Improved the Follow Course experience by enabling UI (map, ClimbPro, Elevation, etc) and data recording from the simulated course.
- Made improvements to smart trainer sensor calibration.
Made improvements to the workout user experience.
- Added FTP line to workout comparison displays.
- Allowed graphical workout data fields to be configured on regular data screens.
-Improved the display for open steps on the workout comparison graph.
Made improvements to the ClimbPro user experience.
- Made ClimbPro available for navigation to a location.
- Added a setting in the ClimbPro data screen setup to specify which climbs should be detected (All, Medium/Large, Large Only).
- Removed the ClimbPro page from the timer loop if there are no climbs left in the ride.
Made improvements to the Segment user experience.
- Fixed an issue where segments with slashes in the name would not be processed and would create subfolders on the file system.
- Fixed an issue where the segment leader could get reset during a sync.
- Added setting in the Segments menu to set a Default Leader Priority, which allows the user to set a default leader to apply to all segments.
Fixed an issue with pairing to iPhone 11.
Added pressure filter in order to improve elevation recording.
Fixed an issue where activities could report inaccurate distances if GPS was acquired after the activity started.
Improved Firstbeat heat acclimation by utilizing weather forecasts.
Added ability to render Hebrew text for incoming smart notifications. This requires additional font files that can be downloaded through Garmin Express.
Fixed issues with the map zoom level not being set correctly.
Fixed an issue where Battery Save Mode could stop working mid-ride.
Added jump prompts for each jump in cases where there are multiple jumps in a row.
Fixed issues with the heart rate graph data field.
Fixed an issue that caused Auto Detect Max HR to always be enabled.
Improved the y-scaling on the elevation profile.
Added directional arrows for round trip courses.
Fixed cosmetic issues with Extended Display mode.
Added additional info to the nutrition/hydration settings page.
Turned backlight on when the user laps or there is an autolap during an activity.
Automatically sized the text in the elevation data field.
Improved overall device stability by fixing crashes and freezes.

Changes made from version 3.50 to 4.10 (07/08/2019):
Made visual improvements to ClimbPro, including more granular coloring on the ClimbPro chart and the ability to preview future climbs.
Made ClimbPro a separate screen in the timer loop, so the elevation screen is still available during a climb.
Fixed issues with ClimbPro that caused the climb or list screens to display improperly.
Added new ClimbPro messages to activity FIT files.
Changed the Incident Detection setting to be set for each activity profile, and defaulted the setting to OFF for Mountain and E-Mountain profiles where false positives can be more likely due to terrain and riding style.
Fixed an issue where Incident Detection could get re-enabled if the user has emergency contacts listed in Garmin Connect.
Fixed an issue where prompts could appear over the Incident Detection alert, so it could not be acknowledged by the user.
Added the ability to disable the ForkSight page that appears when you stop during a Mountain activity.
Added the ability to turn off Grit, Flow, and Jump recording in FIT files for Mountain and E-Mountain activity profiles.
Added the ability to turn off jump alerts in Mountain and E-Mountain activity profiles. Jumps will still be recorded in the FIT file but you will not be alerted during your ride.
Improved the MTB Navigation interface to utilize the new Riding Area and parking lot data available in the 2019.10 Trailforks map.
Fixed an issue where the map zoom and orientation were not properly returning to their original values after the ForkSight page was displayed in a Mountain activity.
Fixed some map drawing issues with the latest 2019.10 Trailforks maps.
Started using 7-day GPS ephemeris data instead of 3-day data, to improve positioning when new ephemeris data is not available.
Added protections against injecting bad GPS ephemeris data that could come from older versions of Garmin Express.
Fixed issues with popularity routing.
Fixed an issue that could cause the device to generate large activity files and freeze during navigation.
Fixed an issue where the battery would not charge to 100%.
Increased the minimum sharp bend warning speed to 15mph.
Fixed an issue causing erroneous FTP values.
Modified the FTP test to lap at the end instead of stopping the timer so the ride will continue to record when the test completes.
Fixed incorrect automatic gear selection for Di2 shifters.
Fixed an issue where Di2 battery empty was improperly reported as eBike battery empty.
Fixed issues with the cycling dynamics page.
Added the ability to choose between two different radar tones.
Fixed a display issue with the power zone chart.
Fixed some display issues with the lap summary data screen.
Improved the interface for editing data fields on the map screen.
Added extra layout options to the map page to support a larger elevation profile.
Made improvements to the elevation profile for segments embedded in a course.
Fixed an issue where Connect IQ data fields could only be added to the current activity profile.
Improved LiveTrack reliability and added better user feedback to convey the LiveTrack status.
Improved overall device stability.

Changes made from version 3.20 to 3.50 (26/06/2019):
We have made changes to prioritize ANT+ connections in the sensor search UI and highly encourage anyone having sensor or phone connectivity issues to remove and reconnect all of their sensors.

We recommend using the ANT+ connection on a sensor with your Garmin devices. There are no customer facing benefits to using the BLE connection unless that is the only option for the sensor to be used and there are often additional features to be gained by using ANT+ with a Garmin device. We see the main customer benefit of a BLE connection on a sensor to be for usage with indoor training apps running on smartphones, tablets, or home desktops at this time.
Fixed a connectivity issue that could cause ANT+ or BLE sensors to lose connection and never reconnect.
Fixed an issue with Bluetooth communication that was impacting phone connectivity and device power down stability.
Fixed a shutdown that could occur when calculating a route.

Changes made from version 2.50 to 3.20 (21/05/2019):
Made several improvements to ClimbPro.
Made visual and algorithmic improvements to smart Nutrition and Hydration alerts.
Muted the map colors in the Mountain Bike activity profile to make trails more visible.
Added support for Respiration Rate to be recorded in FIT files and reported in Garmin Connect.
Added the Workout Comparison chart as a data field so it can be added to any data screen.
Made improvements to phone sync logic.
Improved the data field category organization.
Added the ability to hide data screens.
Added better handling for multiple workouts on the same day.
Added support for Find Workout and Find Course options in the Controls menu.
Added the ability to sort Course and Workout lists.
Enlarged the battery status icons in all scenarios so they can be more easily seen.
Display Grit in kGrit (thousands of Grit units) to make the number more readable since it can get very large.
Created the jump summary page for the end of a ride, and added a jump summary to the ForkSight feature during a mountain bike activity.
Improved the ability to keep GPS ephemeris data up-to-date, for faster satellite acquisition and better positioning.
Fixed some issues that could keep the Bike Alarm from deactivating properly.
Added a new tone for the Bike Alarm feature.
Turned off autolap by default in Indoor activity profiles.
Added better handling for shifters, including 12-speed shifters and shifters with no front derailleur.
Made several cosmetic improvements.

Note de Monique : La version 2.50 semble être la version initiale de ce GPS.

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Edge 830 software version 9.75 Empty Re: Edge 830 software version 9.75

Message par Monique Jeu 31 Aoû 2023 - 18:24

Les remarques concernant les mises à jour ont été déplacées ici : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

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