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BaseCamp pour Mac version 4.8.13 du 31/03/2023 Empty BaseCamp pour Mac version 4.8.13 du 31/03/2023

Message par Monique Dim 14 Juin 2020 - 10:20


Téléchargement ICI

Configuration MAC requise pour BaseCamp 4.8.x :

• Mac basé sur Intel et fonctionnant sous OS 10.13 ou supérieur *.
• 1024 Mo de RAM (2048 Mo recommandés)
bom  * Attention : Actuellement, avec Catalina (OS 10.15), le GPS n'apparaît pas dans BaseCamp, il est nécessaire de modifier les préférences système.
Ouvrir "Préfences Système" dans le menu pomme, aller dans "Sécurité et Confidentialité" et ajouter BaseCamp dans "Accès complet au disque", voir dans [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien] de jpedro l'EDIT de juillet 2020.

Pour les utilisateurs de systèmes d'exploitation plus anciens :

• Mac Intel sous 10.10 à 10.12 (Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra) peut utiliser la version 4.7.0 de BaseCamp ICI ou la version 4.6.3

• Mac Intel sous OS 10.6 peut utiliser la version 4.2.1 ou la 4.2.4 (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks)

• Mac Intel et PowerPC sous Tiger peuvent continuer à utiliser la version 2.1.2 de BaseCamp

* NOTE : Nouvelle version de MapInstall and MapManager for the Mac software version 4.3.4 du 29/09/2020 à télécharger ICI


Historique des Changements:

Changes made from version 4.8.12 to 4.8.13 (31/03/2023):
Fixed compatibility issue with some devices

Changes made from version 4.8.11 to 4.8.12 (27/07/2021):
Fixed map rendering issues
Stability improvements and bug fixes

Changes made from version 4.8.10 to 4.8.11 (16/12/2020):
Fixed compatibility issues with macOS 11 Big Sur

Changes made from version 4.8.9 to 4.8.10 (29/09/2020):
  Various stability and bug fixes

Changes made from version 4.8.8 to 4.8.9 (07/07/2020):
  Fixed map display issue on Zumo XT
  Fixed error sending Route to Zumo XT SD
  FourSquare and Parkopedia products will now be displayed in BaseCamp as pre-loaded maps on specific devices
  Various stability and bug fixes

Changes made from version 4.8.7 to 4.8.8 (19/02/2020):
   Fixed incorrect routing for certain European maps
   Increased scale value precision when specifying a Custom Grid
   Fixed errors when reading poi images from a GPI file
   Fixed rendering issues with 3D maps on MacOS Catalina

Changes made from version 4.8.6 to 4.8.7 (25/11/2019):
   Re-enabling Yelp searching.
   Fixed compatibility issues with MacOS Catalina 10.15

Changes made from version 4.8.4 to 4.8.6 (30/10/2019):
   Fixed label rendering with some Unicode maps
   Fixed issue where certain European Birdseye downloads would fail
   Fixed Garmin Support weblinks
   Fixed various crashes and bugs when plugging in certain Garmin devices

Changes made from version 4.8.3 to 4.8.4 (28/03/2019) :
   Fixed routing failures on Unicode maps.
   Fixed issue with detecting Garmin-mode USB devices.

Changes made from version 4.7.0 to 4.8.3 (04/03/2019):
   Upgraded app to 64-bit.
   Fixed issue where certain poi files would use large amounts of memory

Changes made from version 4.6.3 to 4.7.0 (20/05/2018):
   Updated BaseCamp to conform to GDPR requirements
   Improved MTP device support
   Removed online components of Garmin Adventures
   Removed Garmin Cloud Drive support
   Removed Garmin Connect find and upload
   Removed Picassa photo sharing
   Improved stability

Changes made from version 4.6.2 to 4.6.3 (31/03/2016):
   Fixed crash when zooming into raster maps.
   Fixed crash when loading a track with sporadic elevation data.

Changes made from version 4.6.1 to 4.6.2 (17/02/2016):
   Fixed an issue with missing data for route elevation graphs.
   Fixed an issue with viewing the tracks tab in Detailed List Views.
   Fixed an issue with cleaning the action journal.
   Fixed an issue with getting device manuals.

Changes made from version 4.5.2 to 4.6.1 (09/02/2016):
◦ Added support for downloading preview imagery for BirdsEye select.
◦ Added support for track metadata from FIT files.
◦ Added support for importing FIT files.
◦ Added support for displaying DEM shading for some cycling map products.
◦ Improved map rendering performance.
◦ Updated the Czech translation for 'road'.
◦ Updated route avoidance settings to be more like PNDs.
◦ Fixed an issue with routes created in BaseCamp not displaying lane assist and junction views on Nuvi devices.
◦ Fixed an issue with Garmin Adventures transferred from BaseCamp being deleted after the device is disconnected.
◦ Fixed an issue with sending Garmin Adventures to device SD cards.
◦ Fixed an issue with Geocaches not showing up on Oregon devices as found.
◦ Fixed an issue with importing large KMZ files.
◦ Fixed an issue with adding duplicate photos when matching photos to track(s).
◦ Fixed an issue with canceling route calculations.
◦ Fixed an issue with failing to unlock city navigator maps.
◦ Fixed an issue with displaying the wrong day number in Trip Planner.
◦ Fixed an issue with viewing raster maps.
◦ Fixed out of memory crashes related to the undo buffer growing too large.
◦ Fixed other various bugs.

Changes made from version 4.5.1 to 4.5.2 (14/10/2015):
Added Mac OS X 10.11 support.
Disabled map coverage for device maps.
Fixed issue with generating map tiles during app termination.
Fixed issues with discovering USB devices.

Changes made from version 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 (19/08/2015):
Fixed issue with geocaches disappearing from the Colorado.
Fixed issue when sending geocaches to wearable devices.
Fixed issues with OpenStreetMap.
Fixed issue with BirdsEye imagery read failures while navigating map.
Fixed issue with Portuguese(Portugal) being the preferred language.
Various bug fixes.

Changes made from version 4.4.8 to 4.5.0 (31/07/2015):
Added support to delete and update waypoints on Fenix3 (requires Fenix 3 firmware v4.21 or greater) and other select wearable devices.
Updated Garmin Express instructions
Made it easier to see and access BirdsEye help
Added user preference to configure mouse hover tool tips
Added map selection and searching to the Create Route dialog
Consolidated route toolbar items
Added hotkey (Ctrl) to draw direct segments while routing
Added postal code searches for applicable map products
Added icons for VIRB and wearables
Improved address searching on certain European maps
Fixed restoring backups issue
Fixed import fit data crash
Fixed retina related out of memory crashes
Fixed video playback on welcome page
Fixed Trip Planner export crash
Fixed default Adventure photo issue
Fixed various Trip Planner issues
Improved reading of VIRB FIT files
Fixed duplicate waypoint issue when transferring routes to devices
Fixed issue with importing and exporting KML
Fixed issue where route information was not showing in tool tips
Various bug fixes

Changes made from version 4.4.7 to 4.4.8 (18/06/2015):
Fixed hidden Trip Planner to/from quick search text fields issue.
Fixed create adventure issue with continue button being greyed out.
Fixed POI information window crash.
Fixed double-click adventure crash.
Fixed phantom Trip Planner add-POI quick search issue.
Fixed Trip Planner print itinerary issue.

Changes made from version 4.4.6 to 4.4.7 (28/04/2015):
   Fixed drag and drop issue with routes and tracks.
   Fixed an issue with not unlocking a device SD card when sending BirdsEye to it.

Changes made from version 4.4.5 to 4.4.6 (16/12/2014):
   Fixed drag and drop issue with routes and tracks.
   Fixed an issue with not unlocking a device SD card when sending BirdsEye to it.

Changes made from version 4.4.4 to 4.4.5 (02/12/2014):
   Fixed Mac OS X 10.10 issue with not being able to close 'Welcome to BaseCamp' window.

Changes made from version 4.4.3 to 4.4.4 (22/11/2014):
   Fixed issue with searching the City Navigator Europe NTU maps.
   Fixed autorouting issue where straight line segments were inserted after each waypoint.
   Improved track to route behavior. Now supports preserving the shape of track sections that aren't near a road.
   Fixed certain instances of route direction text where the text was 'turn left/right' instead of 'bear left/right'.
   Fixed various stability issues with routing.
   Fixed issues with application initialization.
   Fixed issue with attaching a device that is running in BaseStation mode.
   Fixed issue with geotagging photos for waypoints.
   Fixed various issues sending data to memory cards.
   Changed to automatically unlock BirdsEye for a device when sending the BirdsEye to a card in that device.
   Fixed various issues with Adventure search.
   Updated to support Mac OS 10.10

Changes made from version 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 (1/10/2014):
   Fixed issue with route calculation not completing on newer Unicode maps (such as City Nav Europe)
   Fixed issue with trip planner sometimes failing to create a trip on newer Unicode maps (such as City Nav Europe)

Changes made from version 4.3.4 to 4.4.2 (25/09/2014):
   Improved BirdsEye user experience.
   Added ability to activate BirdsEye subscriptions.
   Added user configurable avoidance areas that can be set for each activity.
   Added waypoint category option to Smart List criteria.
   Added additional information to find results for Public Land Survey data.
   Added some additional waypoint symbols to be more consistent with newer nuvi and zumo devices.
   Added 'Show in Finder' button to the custom waypoint symbol manager dialog.
   Added waypoint categories column to detailed data list.
   Fixed a bug with Trip Planner itinerary distance calculations.
   Fixed a crash in Trip Planner when adding/deleting days from trip.
   Fixed crash when sending trip to device from subfolder.
   Fixed crash with auto naming route.
   Fixed crash when renaming via point in Trip Planner.
   Fixed crash when recalculating routes from right click.
   Fixed odd rendering on newer City Navigator maps.
   Fixed problem with reading marine charts off of devices.

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