nuvi 24xx (GCD File) software version 2.70

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nuvi 24xx (GCD File) software version 2.70  Empty nuvi 24xx (GCD File) software version 2.70

Message par Monique Mer 25 Jan 2012 - 17:05


nuvi 24xx (GCD File) software version 2.70 : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.70:
* Improved the delay time in Traffic Map drawing
* Default to AZERTY keyboard in Belgian locale
* Updated to comply with France Safety Camera decree
* Added Support for Yandex Traffic Service in Russia
* Support for RDS based live Parking information update
* Fixed issues with alerts when unit is in charging mode
* Routing improvements with Historic Traffic
* Improvements in the ASR feature with substitute strings for commands
* Added display exit name along with the exit number
* Improved several Map drawing features
* Fixed some issues with GPX importing
* Fixed some issues in Custom Avoidances feature
* Several other cosmetic improvements added in UI

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