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Edge Explore 2 version 21.17 Empty Edge Explore 2 version 21.17

Message par Monique Jeu 25 Mai 2023 - 9:11

Edge Explore 2 software version : (cliquer) ICI (sur forums Garmin US)

Changes made from version 21.16 to 21.17 (13/06/2024):
Fixed connection issues with BLE sensors that do not support secure connections

Changes made from version 19.21 to 21.16 (29/05/2024):
Added the ability to send and share locations from Apple Maps
Fixed glance refresh issues on the main page
Added lap ascent and descent data fields
Fixed courses with special characters not loading properly
Fixed connectivity of Polar Verity Sense
Fixed an issue with GroupRide course downloads
Fixed issue where lock on road setting was not being honored
Fixed issue where true-up activities could not be deleted
Fixed frequent disconnect issues with 2M PHY connections
Fixed an issue causing excessive battery drain during suspend
Fixed an issue with real-time settings data screen layout editing
Fixed partial display update issues with suspend mode
Fixed issue where BLE sensors would not connect
Fixed audio prompts for speed
Fixed issue with elevation calibration prompt appearing repeatedly
Fixed VO2 display on four-week history graph
Improved default connection interval for BLE peripherals connected via Connect IQ apps
Fixed issue causing translations to be removed
Fixed crash when importing large GPX files
Fixed road lines being drawn with the wrong style
Fixed crash when drawing the alpha mask for CiQ icons
Fixed hourly wind speed display
Fixed CiQ data fields with developer data not appearing correctly
Fixed issue displaying courses on certain maps
Fixed positioning issues near Chinese borders
Fixed searching issues with Japanese keyboard

Changes made from version 19.19 to 19.21 (20/12/2023):
Fixed BaseCamp compatibility.

Changes made from version 10.25 to 19.19 (22/11/2023):
* GroupRide
Improved GroupRide scheduled ride time picker.
Fixed GroupRide keyboard showing non-English keys.
* ClimbPro
Added shortcut to ClimbPro screen by tapping the "Climb!" prompt.
Added estimated time to end of climb for Time To Destination data field during a course ClimbPro climb.
Fixed elevation page and ClimbPro for indoor trainer course use.
Fixed invalid climb split cadence values.
Enabled manual setting of RHR to enable Fitness Age calculations on Garmin Connect.
Added smart notification images.
Updated VO2 Max page to show four weeks of history at a higher resolution.
Added prompt to make it more difficult to accidentally discard ride.
Increased touch area for music controls data page.
Fixed CIQ alerts crash.
Fixed Korean keyboard translation.
Updated Twitter references and icons to X.
Fixed other minor issues and improved device stability.

Changes made from version 10.24 to 10.25 (02/10/2023):
Fixed issue that could cause a bootloop.
Fixed freeze caused by CIQ app alerts.
Fixed the keyboard for joining a GroupRide.

Changes made from version 10.23 to 10.24 (21/09/2023):
Fixed no training option on settings menu.
Fixed CIQ alert freeze.
Fixed GroupRide keyboard available to input words other than English/Number.

Changes made from version 9.07 to 10.23 (01/09/2023):
Added the GroupRide feature.
Added navigation shortcut in map banner.
Added additional map data screen layouts, allowing for up to four data screens when the elevation profile is hidden.
Enabled alphanumeric postal code when using the search feature.
Persisted ClimbPro map zoom levels when auto zoom is off.
Fixed remaining battery life estimate.
Fixed straight line navigation.

Changes made from version 8.06 to 9.07 (22/05/2023):
Added support for customizing canned text responses on the Garmin Connect mobile app (Android only).
Added ability to send "I'm Okay" message from device if incident messages have been sent.
Added Demo mode.
Fixed cursor disappearing on home screen.
Fixed battery charging issue in certain use case.

Changes made from version 7.09 to 8.06 (15/02/2023):
Added support for CIQ System 6
Added Additional Emoji Support
Added feedback to RCT 715 Save Photo and Save Video buttons
Fixed bugs and improved stability

Changes made from version 6.05 to 7.09 (23/12/2022):
Added support for live event sharing
Added support for spectator messaging
Added support for heart rate confidence metric
Added RCT715 recording status indicator
Added support for saving photos and video clips on the RCT715 when the camera is disabled or busy.
Added support for turning off RCT715 video recording when suspending or powering off the Edge.
Improved phone pairing experience by adding QR code support and supporting PIN comparison when used with a compatible smartphone
Improved ClimbPro data screen and climb list
Fixed various bugs and improved product stability

Changes made from version 6.04 to 6.05 (20/09/2022):
Fixed crash when connected to external battery

Changes made from version 5.09 to 6.04 (29/08/2022):
Fix an issue that doesn't respect ClimbPro settings.
Fix Edge Remote control behavior.
Fix bug for indoor trainer course.
Fix Connect IQ issues.
Fix crash issues.
Add radar alert awareness warning on first connect.
Improve touch behavior in widget loop.

version 5.09 (16/08/2022):
Add Music Control feature.
Add Fitness Age feature.
Add Intensity Minutes feature

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Edge Explore 2 version 21.17 Empty Re: Edge Explore 2 version 21.17

Message par Monique Jeu 31 Aoû 2023 - 18:24

Les remarques concernant les mises à jour ont été déplacées ici : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

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Edge Explore 2 version 21.17 Empty Re: Edge Explore 2 version 21.17

Message par Monique Mar 26 Déc 2023 - 15:49

version 19.21 disponible

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